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    Guerilla 3 C#, Unity

    Version: 1.0
    Date: 19.04.15
    Guerilla 3 is an action / strategy game. Kill enemies and capture base to spawn allies!
    This game is really short and has been made very quickly. Its development was a way for me to try out the Unity engine.

    Heroes of Delum C#, Unity

    Heroes of Delum - real-time strategy, single and multiplayer co-op game. Play as 1 to 5 friends and survive together!
    Being inspired by the Kodo Tag custom map/scenario from Warcraft 3, which is one of its popular "mod", we decided to work on releasing a dedicated game around the concept, with lots of changes and variations, both in theme and gameplay.

    You play a nameless hero who fights against near endless hordes of monsters that spawn from a magic portal created by the dark forces of Delum.

    Your only goal is to survive: collect resources, build defenses, upgrade your character.
    Win, using your brawn and brains, and the help of your friends!

    Steam Greenlight

    Black Typhoon C#, Unity

    Version: 3.5
    Date: 15.04.16
    Black Typhoon is a simple but very difficult platform game.
    Tap shortly to make the ball jump. Hold to make it jump higher.

    Your goal is to survive as long as possible, but be careful: the typhoon keeps getting faster !

    How long can you last?

    Block Hiking Online C++, SDL, OpenGL, Winsock

    Version: 0.31
    Date: 23.03.15
    Block Hiking Online is a 3D platform multiplayer game. Climb as high and fast as you can before the lava burns you alive!

    Lilian's Castle C++, SDL, OpenGL, Winsock

    Version: 0.4993
    Date: 22.08.14
    Lilian Castle is a 3D adventure and platform game programmed from scratch in C++ with OpenGL. You can play the adventure if you want to discover the epic story of the mighty Lilian, but you can also play the Challenges: do your best time to grab bonuses and finish the parcour from several maps. If you hadn't enough, try out the Multiplayer mode with a friend!

    Guerilla C++, SDL, OpenGL

    Version: 1.2
    Date: 13.07.09
    An action/strategy game.
    Shoot the enemies and capture the bases! Soldiers have an implemented AI with pathfinding A* and this game also has a map editor.

    Rollo C++, SDL, OpenGL

    Version: 1.4
    Date: 17.04.09
    A platform game, 12 maps with an increasing difficulty, map editor. My first serious 3D project.

    Rocketzor C, SDL, OpenGL

    Version: 1.0
    Date: 15.06.08
    Avoid the rockets as long as you can to beat your score! my first 3D project.